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Our Expertise

Studio 12 provides a variety of services primarily focused on I/T centric efforts, however we have been known to branch out into other areas such as product design and sales.
Program & Project Management

Studio 12 provides services to achieve on time, on budget delivery of projects through the use of PMI-PMBOK-PMP certified consultants and or Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Masters that apply practical, real world experience  in structuring and running complex projects.


Capabilities are generally focused around delivery of I/T based systems, however  core capability to manage projects of any type can be exercised to assist you in delivering the results you need today.


Industry experience spans Telecommunications, Healthcare, and Supply Chain Management. 


Hands on practical experience is applied to guide your project to delivery.  Creativity is applied generously to adapt to the dynamics and ups and downs of project delivery.  Each consultant comes equipped with the academic knowledge of Project Management principals coupled with direct executive, and team management experience to ensure that the process works smoothly end to end. 

Business Development
I/T Services

Studio 12 provides services to help with a broad variety of I/T related activities from systems architecture and design to development and support.  


Core capabilities  include:

  • System Architecture and Design

  • Enterprise Application and Integration

  • Data cleansing and harmonization

  • SOA based system development

  • Java & .NET development

  • System and database administration 

Product Design

In addition to Studo12's involvement in Project Management and I/T based system implementation and support, we're also involved in bringing forward various ideas for new products.


An example product are elegant decals called SplashTags used to "tag" a beverage glass.  More info on SplashTags can be found at the SplashTags Website 


Studio 12 provides services to assist select clients in generating new business.


These services consist of working to establish and operate partnerships, as well as in direct defintion and execution of marketing plans, and direct sales efforts.


Studio 12 works closely with executives to define services and products, and high level strategies to get the word out to prospective clients, and manage performance of those strategies.


Working as an embedded agent, Studio 12 takes part in daily execution of marketing and sales efforts. Through this, clients are able to increase exposure, gain new clients without incurring the cost and responsibilities of hiring marketing and sales staff. 


     NAICS codes associated with services:


541511 - Custom Computer Programming Services


541512 - Computer Systems Design Services


541519 - Other Computer Related Services


541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services


541614 - Process, Physical Distribution, and Logistics Consulting Services


541618 - Other Management Consulting Services


541990 - All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services


I/T Staffing and Recruiting

Studio 12 utilizes our extensive network of contacts to find the right talent for your short term needs, or if you're looking to hire full time Studio 12 can work with you on recruiting efforts at very competitive rates.


Why use Studio 12?

  • Studio 12 delivers the highest value to our clients by focusing on presenting  U.S. Ciitzens or Green Cards holders as the first priority. 


  • Expertise to evaluate and locate the best candidates so that you don't waste time screening, or worse, bring on the wrong person for the job.


  • We understand client needs because we've been in your shoes.


  • No communication issues; we will work with you to define requirements without misunderstanding  your intent. Your direct interface will be with a senior person that possesses the experience and skills to properly interact with you during the duration of the placement project.


  • Tenacious to a fault, we uncover the hard to find people. 


  • We are polished and able to work with high value candidates without running them off or giving them the wrong impression of our clients.


  • Low overhead translates into better rates than big agencies.


  • Flexible contract provisions - we prefer simple agreements that protect both parties equally.

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